Laundry day

The Laundry that Never Ends

Hey Y’all!  If you’re following along with my little corner of #write31days, you probably realized that I missed a day.  Oops.  That’s okay, I’ll forgive myself and move on.  Pretty much, the same way I do when I don’t get to a task at the house.

One Bite At A Time

So today’s bite…folding the laundry!  This week, I’ve done pretty well starting a load of laundry each morning.  But, I’m noticing a problem.  There’s a huge pile in the baskets in my bedroom.  Huge.  Ginormous.  Mountain-sized pile of laundry.  Clean laundry.  So today, I vowed to fold the laundry.  And I did.  Tomorrow, I’ll wash a load and fold it!

Don’t even bring it in the door

Hi there!  It’s October 7.  I’m slowly working my way through my housekeeping routine, re-establishing the little habits that helped us keep our home under control.  It’s a big job.  Crazy big.  But–nothing I can’t tackle one little bite at a time.

One Bite At A Time

Today is an easy one.  It’s also a habit that I didn’t lose when school started and life got busy.  The mail.

We get a mess of mail.  Most of it–junk.  Thankfully, my recycle bin is right by my back door.  After I check my mail, I sort it walking back up the drive way.  Then, just before I walk back in the house, 95% of my mail just get dropped in the recycle bin.  Whew.  I don’t even bring it in the door.  Less stuff in my house.  Thank goodness.

Laundry day

Today’s Dirty Laundry

Every single homemaking organization system out there seems to have one thing in common–a laundry routine.  Many of them suggest the same thing.  One load a day.  At least.

I used to do that.  Up until about 3 months ago.  That’s when the wheel fell off the homemaking routine train around here.  So today I’m taking one more bite out of my elephant.  I started a load of laundry first thing this morning.  One load a day.  And maybe 2 on Saturday.  I can do that.  Right?  And if I alternate khakis/lights with darks, then we’ll always have school uniforms
ready.  Good stuff.

One Bite At A Time


Just 5 more minutes

I have a love/hate relationship with my alarm clock.  I hate the alarm part.  I love the snooze button.  Really, really love the snooze button.

One Bite At A Time

Today’s bite is all about that silly snooze button.  If, I will get up 5 minutes earlier (or just hit the snooze one less time), I will be able to get one or two tiny chores knocked out.  5 minutes.  That’s all it will take to make my bed, sort the laundry, or even prep a lunch.

Rising with the sun is not my thing.  Really, it’s not.  But in the grand scheme of things, 5 minutes is quite doable.

Need a little inspiration for rising with the sun?  Here you go…

Psalm 113:3

Another day, another habit

Wow!  We are already 4 days into October!  When did that happen?

So far, we’ve made our beds 3 days in a row!  Woo hoo!  (OK, at the hotel today, we just pulled it up neatly, but still…)   Baby steps toward rebuilding the habits (and building new habits) that make our homemaking routines. I’ll take it.

One Bite At A Time

Since we are on the road today (Swim fast, kids!), I decided to focus on a habit that doesn’t fit the homemaking routine.  But–it does make me feel better and that will help with the homemaking routine, right???

Water! Yep, water!  That’s today’s goal.  I’ve got to drink more water.  This is especially hard for me at swim meets.  My fuel for these meets is usually coffee and cokes.  But, I’ve filled up my Tervis for the day and I’ve got a case of waters in the car.  Here we go…

Housekeeping routines-dirty clothes

Oh Those Dirty Clothes

We’ve made our beds 2 days in a row!  Woo hoo!

If you’re wondering why this excites me, then you need to go back a few posts.  My house slowly got out of control and it’s time to take it back–one bite at a time.  So everyday this October, that’s what we are doing.  These are just little reminders that will help us build back our habits and recreate a housekeeping routine that we had just a few months ago.

One Bite At A Time

Today I gave my kids (oh, okay, I’ll admit it–I needed it too) a reminder to put their dirty clothes in the hamper.  We are pretty good about not leaving dirty clothes in bed rooms, but instead we have a pile in each bathroom and a pile in front of the dryer and a pile in the hamper.  Then, when I’m doing laundry, I think I’m all caught up and–BOOM!  I missed the dirties in the front bathroom.  And of course, every single pair of uniform shorts was in that pile.  Please tell me this happens at your house sometimes too.

So this morning, all the dirties are in one place!  Now, I’m off to do laundry…

Hey Y'all! Welcome to my little piece of the South!