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Things to Know May 2015

Here’s a little glimpse of life at S as in Sam this May 2015.  If you’re looking for the link to the summer sewing class schedule, scroll down just a bit.

I’ve taken a picture of the kids every.single.school.day this year.  It’s really fun to look back over their changes through the year.


Summer Sewing Classes schedules are posted.  To register for a class, please contact the Continuing Ed Department at the hosting school.


It’s all about gifts at PCC this spring.  We’ve added cute flowy tanks, waffle weave robes, and fun coozies.


It’s that time of year again—Summer League Swim!  Here are my tips for surviving these hot, summer swim meets.


I’ve spent a lot of time focusing on my garden these past few months.  I’ve tried some new ideas and brought out some tried and true techniques.  Here’s hoping for my best tomato harvest ever!  You can find my Pinterest gardening board here.

Christmas gifts and cat

Our Holiday Spruce Up List

IMG_4049_thumb1_thumb.jpgWe have 42 days until Christmas.  Between now and then, we have to finish one 7th grade science fair project,  2 camping trips, 2 swim meets, an orthodontist appointment, 3 Christmas choir concerts, and a Saints game.  And somewhere in there, I’d really like to get a few things done around the house.

Enter Organized Christmas’s Holiday Home Spruce Up.  I’m sorta following along with their plan for getting your house and heart ready for Christmas.  I’ve made several lists.  The list that has been the hardest has been our holiday spruce up list.

Now, it’s not hard to find things we want to do around here.  It’s hard narrowing down the list to something manageable!  We started with a dream list of 40 items and got it down to a list 10 items that we can do ourselves in less than a few hours.  Here they are:

  1. A  replace garbage disposal  $150ish
  2. C  clean spider webs out in carport
  3. B  attic ladder :  $175ish
  4. C  deep clean laundry room
  5. B  new mats at door
  6. B  hang shelves
  7. C  organize bathroom cabinet
  8. C  LEGO organization
  9. C  hang pics in hallway
  10. A  boxes GONE

The As, Bs, and Cs are how we’ve prioritized them.    I should also note that 2 other items made our short list–if we can find a really good deal.  We’re watching Groupon for carpet cleaning and duct cleaning specials!

So…what’s on your honey-do list for Christmas?


Fall Fabrics

Some Fall Sewing

Have you met Indie Sew?  I don’t even know how I stumbled across the site, but I quickly fell in love.  Just in time to start my Fall Sewing!

Yes, I know we are a few months into Fall on the calendar, but temperature-wise, we are just now getting here.  Fall Sewing is my favorite.  The colors are richer, the fabrics are more luxurious.

Fall Fabrics

My closet is a hum-drum of a lot of the same old things.  My Stitch Fix subscription started in April and I’ve loved it.  It has allowed me to stretch my style, but unfortunately, most pieces are a little out of my budget.  (That said, do give it a try.  I find something I love in every box and it’s super easy!)  But…my last Fix had a perfect white silk shirt that I knew I could build a wardrobe from!



So, white shirt + fall sewing = what kind of wardrobe? Well, I started with this pin of 15 outfits made from Target pieces.  Cute, appropriate for my 29+yo self, and very much my style. I loved each of these looks and I knew I already had a few of the pieces.  Here’s the run-down:

I have:

  • denim jacket
  • pencil skirt in black print
  • riding boots
  • scoop necked sweater
  • infinity scarf
  • moccasin (well, mine is a loafer)
  • leopard flats

I need to make:

  • a casual pant
  • a second infinity scarf
  • denim leggings
  • a tunic
  • a raglan tee

To buy:

  •  Denim shirt dress (or maybe find an alternative)

So, what does all this have to do with Indie Sew?  How about their Fall Collection.  A set of 6 patterns fill the needs on that “Need to Make” list above.

Here’s my fall sewing list:

  • the Hudson pant (in brown) (First pair was stitched in red and I love!)
  • the Commuter Cowl (in a brown print) Finished 10/19/2012
  • a navy legging (or not.  My skinny jeans would serve the same purpose with more coverage.)
  • a blue raglan
  • and a tunic (color, fabric still in question)

****The Stitch Fix link is an affiliate link.  I’ll get a little credit if you decide to sign up.  The other links are just happy finds that I’m sharing with you.

The Next Sewing Class

Hey Y’all!  My next sewing class is a 2-part class where I’ll teach you how to read a pattern.  We’ll create a pair of PJ pants that are super comfy and easy to stitch up.  If you are confident threading your machine and stitching a seam, then you are ready for this class.  The class starts Monday, November 17 at 6:00PM at LSUS.

Sign up here!

Christmas gifts and cat

54 Days until Christmas.

Christmas tree 2014
54 days until Christmas.  54.  That’s all.  Yes, I know Halloween was only 2 days ago.  We still have 3 tons of candy corn sitting on the counter.  But, y’all, we’ve only got 54 days until Christmas.  Yikes.


My attention span isn’t very long these days (Exhibit A: my attempt to blog everyday in October) and time is slipping past me so very quickly, so 54 days is a really, really, really big deal.

Now, before you think I’m skipping over November and Thanksgiving, just bear with me a moment.  Last year, Christmas became a to-do list of one activity after another.  Somewhere along the way, I forgot about the Gift that we celebrate at Christmas and that made for an all-together miserable Holiday Season.  Not exaggerating y’all.  I remember telling my Daddy that I just wanted to sit and eat and visit and forget all the rest of this mess.

This year I want to approach Christmas in a more thoughtful manner.  And to do that, I need to start today.  54 days before Christmas.

I’ve searched out several books and websites that I’m using to guide me.  (Just a note:  The Amazon links are affiliate links.  If you click-through them and a make a purchase, I’ll get a teeny bit of compensation that helps to pay for this website.)

Queen of the Castle: 52 Weeks of Encouragement for the Uninspired, Domestically Challenged, or Just Plain Tired Homemaker  : To be honest, this was the book that really made me think about starting now to prepare my heart for Christmas.

Vintage Notions: An Inspirational Guide to Needlework, Cooking, Sewing, Fashion and Fun :  Broken down by month and drawing from works in the early 1900s, the November chapter was surprisingly appropriate for my November 2014!

Organized Christmas : I’m using the Christmas Countdown plan, but I started 7 days late and I’m not using their printables.  I’ve just grabbed a 1 subject notebook and I’m making lots and lots of notes.  First up, a list of things I need/want to do around the house before Christmas.  Also, a Christmas shopping/sewing list.  And, my most favorite list:  a list of things I really want to include.  Funny, everything on the list includes spending time with family, like a trip to see the lights at Hodges Gardens.  Last year, we went with Momma and Daddy and it was one of the moments I truly treasured.

Momma and me

Hey Y'all! Welcome to my little piece of the South!