Make It Monday: White Sheets


I’ve mentioned before that I love white sheets.  Love, love, love them.  But let’s be honest.  They can get a little dingy.  So can pillows and mattress covers.  From what I read, the yellowing on bed linens comes from sweat.  And since I bundle up at night…Yuckola!

In a mission to make my pillows a little less yucky, I found this on Pinterest.  It sounded like the perfect plan—except that I have a front load washer and wouldn’t know how to “soak” something in it if I had to.  So, I improvised.  Here’s what I did:

1.  Set washer temp to hot wash/cold rinse.


2.  Add usual amount of regular, daily detergent.

3.  Add 1/4 cup chlorine bleach.


4.  Add 1/4 cup borax .


5.  Load in the sheets (and usually a towel or two) and run on “Heavy”.


The result was amazing!  But, just in case I decided to line dry and let the sun do a little more disinfecting and bleaching!


You can see how white the sheets are on the line!  Brilliant!

++++note:  I wash my sheets once a week and this is what I do every.single.time.  I wash my pillows and mattress cover about every six months with the same steps.+++++

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My Simple Closet: September

I started a little experiment this spring.  A simple closet, AKA wardrobe capsules.  I was inspired by this pin and this pin and this pin and this pin and this pin, among others.

I’ve spent the past few months choosing a select group of pieces from my closet (usually 19-22 pieces including  shoes) and those have been my wardrobe for the month.  Here’s how it works for me:

What it includes:
  • 5 tops
  • 5 bottoms
  • 2 dresses
  • 2-4 jackets, sweaters, cardis
  • 1 pair each boots, sneakers, flats, sandals, heels
What isn’t included in the count:
  • workout/gardening/swim mom tees and running shorts
  • my funeral dress
  • jeans for the farm
  • my Saints jerseys
  • camis and tights
How I choose my pieces:

I start with the obvious things:  the season, Sundays, activities already on the calendar…Then, I pick a piece or two to build around.  Sometimes, I pick a few colors that carry through the wardrobe.  The pins above really do help me to plan outfits.  Once I’ve got a few pieces selected, I start tossing things together on the bed until I get a pile kind of like this:


My rules:
  • Every top needs to go with at least 4 of the 5 bottoms.
  • The cardigans/jackets must go with at least 3 tops each.

Please note, these are my rules and I can (and do) break them all the time.  At the end of the day, this is merely a practice to simplify my life.  If I need to dig a tee shirt and jeans out of the drawer to make the day happen, so be it.

September’s Simple Wardrobe

So what does September’s line-up look like?  Pieces to layer in hopes that Fall will eventually arrive, football season (purple and gold and black!), church, PTA meetings, sewing classes…  I’m not showing you pictures of everything because I think you know what blue jeans look like!  Smileimage


  1. leopard print tank (Made by Me)
  2. elephant tank (Made by Me)
  3. blue chambray button down (Target Spring 2015)
  4. purple and gold varsity tee (PersonaliTy Children’s Clothes)
  5. coral pull-over (Stitch Fix)

Bottoms: (I’ve opted for 4 instead of 5)

  1. dark straight leg jeans (Target)
  2. dark wash boot cut jeans (Target)
  3. khaki rolled crops (Gap)
  4. black skirt (Made by Me)

Dresses: (I’ve picked 3 instead of 2)

  1. teal tankdress (Made by Me)
  2. navy sweater tank dress (Banana Republic)
  3. black dress (Target)


  1. Green cardi (Stitch Fix)
  2. Grey Granny Sweater (Old Navy)
  3. Denim Jacket (Levi’s )


  1. hot pink Converses  (Converse )
  2. leopard flats (Target Fall 2014)
  3. nude heels
  4. Cowboy boots
  5. sandals
Two Notes:

#1.  Even though we are moving into Fall and my toes will be covered much more frequently, I still want them to be cute when I wear sandals.  I love choosing a Jamberry Nail Wrap that coordinates with my monthly closet.  Here’s my September choice.  It was a Hostess Exclusive last January.


#2.  There are lots of links in this post.  Some link back to this blog.  Some link to things I love and just want to share.  Some link to referrals for which I am compensated.  For more info, please check out my Shipping Links and Disclosure Statement.


September Sewing Classes

If you are thinking about trying out a sewing class, September is great time!


If you know nothing about sewing,  Getting to Know Your Sewing Machine at LSUS on August 31 is a great place to start. Or start on Monday, Sept 28 and Oct 5 with Sewing Basics at BPCC.

If you know how to thread your machine and sew a basic, straight seam, then you might want to start on Monday, Sept 14 with What Else Can Your Machine Do? at LSUS.

If you’d like to Learn to Read a Pattern then you need the class on Tuesday, Set 29 and Thursday, Oct 1 at LSUS.


For a simple project to update your home, try Perfect Pillows at LSUS on Thursday, Sept 24.

Garden Hack #1: Garden Mailbox

I saw this idea on Pinterest (how many of your conversations start like that?) and knew I had to use it. 


My raised beds are across the yard from our shed.  Now, I know, it’s not really a long way to walk, but wouldn’t it be handy to have a dry place to store my favorite hand trowel and gloves right next to my veggie beds? 

We had a few old mailboxes hanging around, so I snitched one.  We sanded it and spray painted it pink.  Adam mounted it for me and we were good to go.


The little light inside is a magnetic light that we found at Harbour Freight.

BTW, I haven’t posted many pics of my garden lately here on the blog, but there are a few on instagram.  You can find them by searching #inthegardenwithgracie on my Instagram feed.

Make It Monday: New Pillowcases

I love white sheets.  Love, love, love them.  But, I looked at my bed the other day and thought “How boring.”  So, I did what any sewing nut would do–I dug in the stash and pulled out some fun pieces to update my pillowcases. 

20150807_140856 (2)

These pillowcases are easy to make, they wash well, and they added just a bit of color to my bedroom.  Plus, they are pretty! 

The link to the instructions is here.

Hey Y'all! Welcome to my little piece of the South!