Awesome new sewing book

I’m so excited!  I added a new book to my sewing library today!

I grabbed my copy at our local Hancocks’ but you can click the picture above to find one on Amazon.  Here’s my review:

by Simplicity
Published in 2011

Some Chapter Headings:

  • Sewing for Today
  • A Buyer’s Guide
  • Universal Basics
  • Patternless Projects


I liked:

  • The way the book lays flat beside you when you are working!
  • The pattern chapter–it has lots of great detail about reading pattern envelopes and the markings on your tissue patterns.
  • Tons of great fitting info with diagrams showing you how to tweak your pattern’s fit.
  • LOTS of serger information in several of the chapters.


My dislikes:

  • Haven’t found any yet!


Every seamstress needs at least one good resource.  This book is appears to be an excellent, concise and complete resource.

Would I buy it for myself? I did!  I first grabbed it simply because it lays open flat.  Silly, right?  Well, after working with books that close up on me while my hands are on the fabric, I was excited to find a complete resource that would be easy to use.

Would I buy it for a beginner sewer? Absolutely.  This books is written with a conversational tone and has many questions written and answered that a beginner might ask.  I personally think any beginner would benefit from reading the chapters on fabric and patterns before entering the fabric store!


****note:  I’m in the Amazon Affiliate Program.  I will be monetarily compensated if you purchase through the links above.    That said, I do truly like this book and my recommendation have nothing to do with this affiliate program.


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