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Hello 2016!

2016. That’s hard to type. I can recall a time when 2016 seemed so far away and 40 seemed soooo old. Not anymore!

sa·vorˈsāvərverb1.taste and enjoy it completely.

For the past few years, I’ve had a word that I’ve focused on, sometimes more than others.  This year, 2016, the year I turn 40, two words are reverberating in my head:  Simplify.  Savor.

simplify verb make something simpler

My prayer for this year is that I can step back, let the little things go.  let the big things become little things, and treasure my moments, my people, and my God.

Things I’ve learned recently

It’s been a crazy, busy 6 weeks.  I’ve enjoyed almost every minute of it, but I’m counting down the days until the kids are out for summer!  Only 14 school days to go!

Here’s a glimpse at a few of the lessons I’ve learned the past 6 weeks: 1.  Spring Break in DC is nothing like Spring Break in Louisiana. Brrrr.

Snowy Spring Break in Washington DC


2.  So that’s why they call them the Smokey Mountains.

Family Picture on Smokey Mountains

3.  Don’t do crack.  That’s the lesson here.  She was arrested 5 days later.

4.  Don’t let anyone tell you that you need a big fancy sewing machine.  This was completed on a little Janome 9-stitch and a Juno serger.  (I paid less than $100 for the sewing machine and less than $200 for the serger!) Ren Faire Elizabethan costume

My Artists

It’s Artbreak time again!  I love this regional art festival.  It is a great opportunity to display the creativity and talent of our kids.


My big girl had 2 pieces on display again this year.  (Anyone else noticing a theme here…)


Her English teacher also submitted one of her works in the literary competition.

You can see our past Artbreak entries here and here.