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My Favorite HandMade Christmas Gift: Dish Towels

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I love the look of a hand-embroidered dish towel.  They are sweet, and the perfect project for teacher gifts, wedding showers, and even to compliment a gift of baked goods.  These projects only take a few supplies and can be completed while waiting on carpool or watching TV at night, making these sweet dish towels the perfect handmade Christmas gift.

You’ll need:


  • a hoop
  • thread
  • a design
  • a pencil
  • embroidery needles
  • thread

You can purchase iron-on designs, or just draw your own. In the past I’ve downloaded a line drawing and just traced it onto my towels.  This is super-easy if you have a large window.  You can tape the design to the window and use the sunlight to see the design through your towel fabric.

I’m a lazy stitcher, so I tend to only use a basic running stitch and french knots to complete my design.  This website has some great tutorials:

The Cabin Tunic

I recently stitched up another fun pattern.  Meet the Cabin Tunic.


I purchased this pattern after seeing it featured in Indiesew’s Fall 2015 Collection.  I almost didn’t, but then I stumbled on a darling black and white polka dot cotton lawn on a discount table at Hancock’s Fabrics.

This cute tunic is loose and flowy.  The pattern was well written and easy to follow.  I decided to cut a smaller size to fit my shoulders and then just do an FBA.  The pattern has great instructions for FBAs.


Pockets!  It has pockets!  Hooray!  They were simple to make, again thanks to great instructions.  I didn’t make any other pattern adjustments, but if I make it again, I may shorten it.  Or I might lengthen it to wear as a dress…

I would recommend this pattern for an advanced beginner.  It makes a cool and comfy top.  I do think fabric choice can make this top fabulous or icky.  Make sure you choose a lightweight fabric that drapes well, unless you are going for a boxier look.

Garden hack #2: Scarecrow

Item #5 on my September Garden To Do List:  A scarecrow!

I went to the my favorite time-suck source of inspiration and found a few ideas for a garden scarecrow.  The mop-head scarecrows were my favorites.

Here’s our garden helper:


We used some scrap lumber and wood screws to create a cross.  The cowboy hat, clapping hands, and mop head are all Dollar Tree finds.  The shirt and skirt came out of our charity box.  I used garden wire to attach my pieces and set it in the garden near the sweet peas! 

Total cost:  $4 +tax

Make It Monday: Fall Scents

It’s finally Fall.  And even if the thermometer doesn’t prove it, the calendar does!  I’m not a pumpkin-everything kinda girl, but I love the spicy scents and flavors of Fall.

We have a very naughty black cat and a 20-month old frequent visitor.  These two things make candles a no-go.  So how do I get fall scents into throughout my house?  I diffuse essential oils.


My favorite fall blend is 3 drops of wild orange, 3 drops of clove bud, 1 drop of frankincense, and 1 drop of cedarwood.  I order all my oils here.

We have 2 favorite diffusers to use with our oils.  We like a plug-in room diffuser for the bedroom and a cold-water diffuser for kitchen/living room.

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A Little Handmade Christmas Inspiration

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We have 3 months until Christmas!  3 months!  It’s time to get cracking on our Handmade Christmas gifts.  Did you finish your list? 

Now’s the time to decide what to make!  I’ve compiled an inspiration board on Pinterest to get you started:

Follow Salinda’s board Handmade Christmas Inspiration on Pinterest.


See any ideas that work for the folks on your list?  Why not start your own idea board?  You can share it with me in the comments, or you can make it a secret board so no one can snoop!

October Sewing Classes


If you’d like to learn to sew or even brush up on your sewing skills in time to make Christmas gifts, October is the time!  Here are the October Sewing classes you might be interested in:

If you know nothing about sewing,  get started on Monday, Sept 28 and Oct 5 with Sewing Basics at BPCC. Or you can take the class later in the month on Oct 19 and 26. 

If you know how to thread your machine and sew a basic, straight seam, then you might want to start on Monday, Sept 27 at 9 am with What Else Can Your Machine Do? at LSUS.

If you’d like to Learn to Read a Pattern then you need the class on Tuesday, Set 29 and Thursday, Oct 1 at LSUS.

If there is a class you are interested in that isn’t listed, just message me.  I’d love to teach a workshop on Halloween costumes if I have enough interest!