Learning to Sew? You Need a Good Sewing Reference

For my latest sewing students:

Even with all the great YouTube videos and photo tutorials on the web, I still think you need a great sewing book handy.  I have a few favorites.

I reviewed The New Complete Guide to Sewing here in 2008.  I still LOVE this book and recommend it to all my sewing students.


I reviewed Sew U here in 2008.  I would update this review just a bit today.  After using this book for several years, I’d suggest that this book is worth the purchase for 2 reasons:  1)her practical approach to sewing without a fancy studio or lots of tools and 2)inspiration.  If you are planning to take my 1 skirt, 3 ways class, then I highly recommend this book!
What about you ladies that sew all the time?  What books do you recommend to a new seamstress????


****note:  I’m in the Amazon Affiliate Program.  I will be monetarily compensated if you purchase through the links above.    That said, I do truly love these books and my recommendations have nothing to do with this affiliate program.

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