My 5 Favorite Sewing Tips

Here are my 5 favorite sewing tips (for today anyway, because tomorrow I’ll probably learn something new):

  1. Wet the back of your needle before trying to thread it. The surface tension from the water pulls the thread right on through.
  2. Compare your pattern pieces to a RTW piece that has a similar fit. This is particularly helpful if you’re fitting a difficult client (like my hubby).
  3. Instead of chalk, mark your notches, darts, etc. with a dried-up remnemt of Ivory soap.
  4. Put a shirt together at one shoulder (or if it has raglan sleeves–at 3 seams). While it’s flat, serge your neck binding (or cuffs onto sleeves) on the neck line. (I find it easiest to place if I’ve notched center front, shoulders and center back on both the shirt and the ribbing.) Then serge the remaining shoulder seam, all the way up the ribbing.
  5. Choose your pattern size based on your front width measurement (FWM). This is a great N. Zieman tip. To take the measurement, find the crease in your skin where your arms meet your body and measure straight acros your chest. Round off to the nearest half-inch. A FWM of 14 inches corresponds to a size 14 and every 1/2 inch difference is a pattern size. (I.e., 13.5 inches = size 12, 13 inches = size 10, 14.5 inches = size 16, 15 inches = size 18)

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