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Garden hack #2: Scarecrow

Item #5 on my September Garden To Do List:  A scarecrow!

I went to the my favorite time-suck source of inspiration and found a few ideas for a garden scarecrow.  The mop-head scarecrows were my favorites.

Here’s our garden helper:


We used some scrap lumber and wood screws to create a cross.  The cowboy hat, clapping hands, and mop head are all Dollar Tree finds.  The shirt and skirt came out of our charity box.  I used garden wire to attach my pieces and set it in the garden near the sweet peas! 

Total cost:  $4 +tax

Garden Hack #1: Garden Mailbox

I saw this idea on Pinterest (how many of your conversations start like that?) and knew I had to use it. 


My raised beds are across the yard from our shed.  Now, I know, it’s not really a long way to walk, but wouldn’t it be handy to have a dry place to store my favorite hand trowel and gloves right next to my veggie beds? 

We had a few old mailboxes hanging around, so I snitched one.  We sanded it and spray painted it pink.  Adam mounted it for me and we were good to go.


The little light inside is a magnetic light that we found at Harbour Freight.

BTW, I haven’t posted many pics of my garden lately here on the blog, but there are a few on instagram.  You can find them by searching #inthegardenwithgracie on my Instagram feed.