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Pocketful of Posies Dress

I love a great dress.  Something easy to wear, something comfortable, something easy to move in, something with pockets!  When I first saw the Pocketful of Posies Dress on Indiesew, I knew I wanted to stitch it up.

I had a little trouble finding a fabric I liked, but when I did, this was the result:


Oh my goodness!  How fun!  This dress is so much fun to wear.  The pockets are perfection.

Just a few notes about it’s construction:

  • The pattern pieces taped together easily.  I cut a medium.  I probably could have gone a size smaller, but I wasn’t sure.  Except in the arms.  The sleeves are just about right.  Any smaller and I think they’d be too small.
  • The instructions are easy to follow.  I used my serger for most of the construction, but a beginner could do just as well with a stretch stitch on the sewing machine.
  • I cut off about 4 inches in length.  I’m short.  I should have added a little length to the bottom band so I wouldn’t have gathers, but I was out of fabric.  I used every single square inch I had.
  • The neck line is low.  Next time, I’ll raise it about 2 inches.  To do that, I’ll have to modify the front, the pockets, and the side panels.
  • The thick neck band didn’t work for me, so I removed mine and made it half the width.

The Cabin Tunic

I recently stitched up another fun pattern.  Meet the Cabin Tunic.


I purchased this pattern after seeing it featured in Indiesew’s Fall 2015 Collection.  I almost didn’t, but then I stumbled on a darling black and white polka dot cotton lawn on a discount table at Hancock’s Fabrics.

This cute tunic is loose and flowy.  The pattern was well written and easy to follow.  I decided to cut a smaller size to fit my shoulders and then just do an FBA.  The pattern has great instructions for FBAs.


Pockets!  It has pockets!  Hooray!  They were simple to make, again thanks to great instructions.  I didn’t make any other pattern adjustments, but if I make it again, I may shorten it.  Or I might lengthen it to wear as a dress…

I would recommend this pattern for an advanced beginner.  It makes a cool and comfy top.  I do think fabric choice can make this top fabulous or icky.  Make sure you choose a lightweight fabric that drapes well, unless you are going for a boxier look.

The Ella Top

The short and sweet:  Love this top.  Fit me beautifully.  Pattern is very well written.  No craziness when taping the pdf together.  If you are scared of sewing with silky fabrics, this would be a great pattern to practice with.  Just press and pin lots!  Now for all the details, read on…


When I find a pattern I love, I tweak it and modify it and use it over and over and over and over again.  The Ella Top by Liola Patterns has been that pattern for me this August.  I LOVE this top.  I picked up the pattern as part of Indiesew’s Summer 2015 pattern collection.

I stitched it up straight off the pdf in a small with one exception.  I debated a medium or at least a full bust adjustment, but decided to run with it.  After seeing others’ versions, I did decide to raise the neck line about one inch.  Here’s the tutorial I followed.  It’s stitched up in a 100% cotton woven.  I’m not sure where I found the cute elephant fabric but I love it. It’s a quilting/crafting weight fabric.  The fit is almost spot on for me.


I decided to make a corded piping in a contrast fabric for the back trim.  Love it.  (Please excuse the wrinkles.  I’ve worn the snot out of this top since I made it!)


Since I liked it so much, I decided to do it again.  This time in a polyester silky leopard print that I picked up at Hobby Lobby some time ago.  I’m not a leopard print kinda gal, but I’m planning on this being a layering tank.


To modify it this time, I stitched the neck and arm bindings out instead of down.  I love it.  Also, after wearing the elephant tank a few times, I decided that the back yoke was just tight enough to be uncomfortable sometimes.  So, I just cut my back yoke on the bias.  Boom.  Extra give.  Woo hoo.  The final change I made on this piece was an easy one.  Instead of the back pleat, I just gathered those few inches.


And then I went off and did it again. 


This is my favorite!  This is a piece from Hancock’s Fabrics’ special occasion line.  I’m sure it’s a poly blend but I bought it so long ago, I couldn’t tell you more than that. 

The modifications:  1.  back yoke is cut on the bias and 2.  added 11 inches to the length.  That’s it.  I love a good pattern hack!

Seersucker for Easter


I tried 2 new patterns this Easter  Both the tie pattern and the dress pattern were very well written and had step-by-step pictures that would make it simple for even a beginner sewing enthusiast to follow along.



The tie pattern from Butterfly Tree was very simple, however, I thought their pattern instructions were not the most efficient.  I made a second one just with common sense and found it much quicker.  The only change I made to this pattern was to monogram it before stitching together.  Christopher got so many compliments on it.  I’ve been asked if I’ll carry ties in my shop.  I probably will, but not this pattern.  I personally found the tie slightly too narrow for my taste and I didn’t care for the construction instructions.


IMG_5744The dress is Emmaline from Violette Threads.  This is a maxi dress with a ruffled, v-neck and ruffle variations along the bottom of the dress.  My big girl choose the red stripe seersucker from the shop stash.  This pattern only runs up to a 10, but it was very simple to grade it up one more size.  Addie chose the single ruffle design, thought the triple ruffle along the bottom would be really cute too!  This dress was surprisingly quick to stitch up.  The dress only took me about 2 hours!  I can’t wait to try more patterns from Violette Threads.  Addie already has her next dress picked out!


The Lisette Traveler Dress

***Edited May 9, 2014:  Simplicity 2246.  The Lisette Traveler Dress.  This is still one of my most popular pattern reviews.  As of today, the pattern is still available on Simplicity.com.  If you’ve made up this dress, I’d love to see your version!  Post a link in my comments.  Thanks!***
Hooray!  I finally spent some time sewing for myself!
Here’s the whole story:
Waaaaaay back in April, I saw this blog post about some new patterns.
So, in the wonderful way that blog-hopping works, I followed Jenny’s links to this site.
And I fell in love with all the patterns.
All 4 of them.
So I took the occasion of a 99 cent sale to grab them.
All 4 of them.
First up, I tried Simplicity 2209, the Passport Dress.
This little dress is so cute.  I love the dart details on the front.  But, sadly, it didn’t flatter me.  At all.
You will not be seeing pictures of that dress.
Then I tried Simplicity 2246, the Traveler Dress.
We have a winner.
I used a canvas print from the Lisette collection at JoAnns Fabrics.
(Don’t flip out at that word canvas.  It’s actually quite soft and drapey.  You can more info about the fabrics here.)
The pattern changes I made were all inspired by laziness!
  • I didn’t want to match the patterns on the pockets, so I left them off.
  • I didn’t want to match the patterns for the button plackets, so I choose to make them in a contrasting white instead.
  • I cut out the wrong sleeve pattern by mistake.  Rather than cut the right one, I just ran with what I had.  The biggest difference:  the sleeve for view C was designed to be gathered and a sleeve band added.  I didn’t want that, so I just did a little pleat to take out some of the extra instead.
Inspired?  Possibly.
Lazy?  Yes.
Do I love it anyway?  Absolutely.My PR review is here.

Next, I think I’ll try Simplicity 2211, The Market Blouse and Skirt.
And then I’ll get to Simplicity 2245, the Portfolio Tunic.
Finally, I’ll try Simplicity 2209 one more time.
Why?  Because I love all 4 of them!

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