The 2nd week of 2012

January 8: Planning for the spring garden

January 9: Still plodding away with Couch to 5K.  (OK, so this is the only day I actually ran this week.  Let’s blame it on the weather and a stomach bug.)

January 10:  Stitched up some spring jon jons!

January 11:  Added Mardi Gras Jon Jons to the shop!

January 12:  Our school was rocked by a stomach bug.  Over 20% of the kids went home ill!  Thank goodness we missed it!
January 13: Tie Dye!

January 14:  A quick trip to Arkansas for Great-Grandma’s 90th birthday.  I forgot batteries for the camera.  Ugh.  Maybe I can snitch someone else’s pictures.

Also, football in Louisiana came to a screeching halt this week with the debacle that was the BCS championship and the Saints loss to the 49ers.   I will say this:  It is so much fun cheering for our teams-win or lose.  When does football season start again???


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